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The publishing world: Many doors to the future

Digitalisation is creating new opportunities for publishers to expand readership. But what innovative formats and approaches are commercially viable in the long term in the changing market conditions? Experiences in Baden-Württemberg show that promising solutions are just as varied as the publishing landscape itself: read more >>

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27.03.2015 - Building Global Innovators opens 6th edition

Global hybrid accelerator from Portugal accepts online submissions until 24 May, 2015.

19.03.2015 - AppArtAward 2015

ZKM Center for Art and Media Technology calls for submission of artistic apps until May 10, 2015.

02.03.2015 - How to motivate employees for knowledge management 2.0

EU project identifies six crucial factors influencing the use of digital tools in companies.

23.02.2015 - A thousand of the best animated films worldwide

22nd Stuttgart International Festival of Animated Film presents programme highlights.

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16.03.2015 - Many doors to the future

How the publishing world in the German Southwest deals with the challenges of the digital age.

16.02.2015 - Southwest Goes Southwest

Ambassadors for Baden-Württemberg as a leading location for the creative industries will be heading to Texas for the South by Southwest festival.

15.01.2015 - New Ideas in the North

Report from Finland: Three graduates from Baden-Württemberg talk about their daily research activities at the Demola Open Innovation Lab

10.12.2014 - Revising copyright law for the digital age

The creative industries are experiencing major upheavals due to digitalisation .

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#SXBW: Southwest Goes Southwest

Selected start-ups and innovative companies will be travelling to Austin, Texas, in March as ambassadors for the German Southwest. Representing Baden-Württemberg as a leading location for the creative industries they will attend the SXSW – South by Southwest festival. They will be writing about their experiences on the blog SXBW: read more >>

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