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European for advanced learners

An Englishman, a Spaniard, a German, an Italian, a Lithuanian and a Turk are talking… What sounds a bit like the beginning of a joke is in fact commonplace when setting up European projects. In May 2015, project partners from six different countries met in Ankara to test pilot training materials that they had jointly developed: read more >>

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29.06.2015 - Dialogue between science, journalism, and the public

The Heidelberg Institute for Theoretical Studies (HITS) “Journalist in Residence” program offers the possibility to spend three to six months among bright scientific minds.

16.06.2015 - Power to the Pixel is looking for crossmedia projects

The Pixel Market, the world’s largest finance market dedicated to cross-platform and interactive projects, is open for applications.

03.06.2015 - Europeana Creative Culture Jam

The final showcase event of Europeana Creative is taking place in Vienna on 9-10 July 2015. Registration is now open.

26.05.2015 - To dive into virtual worlds

In May 2015, 270 speakers from 22 countries presented trends in Animation, Effects, Games and Transmedia at the FMX Conference in Stuttgart.

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09.06.2015 - European for advanced learners

The road to European projects can be rocky: the selection procedure is strict and intercultural cooperation not always straightforward. Why the effort is nonetheless worthwhile.

04.05.2015 - The right conditions for healthy growth in the creative industries

The aim of the state government is to systematically identify and overcome obstacles to development in individual sub-sectors.

07.04.2015 - Design Region Baden-Württemberg

From Schwäbisch Gmünd to Pforzheim: reputable training institutions ensure the development of the next generation of top designers in southwestern Germany.

16.03.2015 - Many doors to the future

How the publishing world in the German Southwest deals with the challenges of the digital age.

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Creative Industries: The right conditions for healthy growth

The creative industries are the source of numerous innovations. In Baden-Württemberg, the sector has developed well recently. The entrepreneurial drive of creative minds, however, can sometimes be thwarted by inherent structural weaknesses. The aim of the state government is to identify and overcome obstacles: read more >>

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