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PROSE has devised quick tutorial sessions to help you decide the right course for you. Whether you are looking for just the right repository for your project or wondering what license to use for your software, PROSE can give guidelines that can make your decision informed and easy. PROSE also guides you when you look for the right business model.

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Begins2014-06-24 10:00 Ends2014-07-02 16:00


PROSE project, MFG Innovationsagentur für IT und Medien, MARKOS project

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Open Source developer & user
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Business Models 24. June 2014, 10:00 CET / 1hr

Open Source Business Strategies in ICT Projects:
Help to understand how to use, enhance or create open source software in a way that maximizes benefits to the business. The webinar will provide an overview of how open source business strategy can support different types of business models. It will cover how to efficiently run an open source procurement process and will conclude with community management basics.

Roberto Galoppini, SlashdotMedia: Roberto has over 20 years’ experience in the computer industry, and has spent the last 10 years working in the intersection of open source software and business development. He works at SourceForge as its Senior Director of Business Development.

Online Platform 2. July 2014, 15:00 CET / 1hr

Features and functions of the PROSE platform:
Manage your code and community in an easy and user friendly European solution, Webinar will start with a basic introduction to the creation of new accounts and projects, and then focus on the technical tools used to manage your projects, such as version control, issue tracking and collaboration tools.

Rui Ferreira, IT: Researcher at Instituto de Telecomunicações, within the Advanced Telecommunications and Networks Group, doing research and development on novel architectures for networking services. Currently Rui acts as the co-maintainer for the platform.


The webinars will be realized through Spreed and have limited seating available. If you wish to take part, please register your interest -not later than the day before- through the contact form.

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The webinars are free of charge and can be viewed afterwards on the PROSE youtube channel at:
Event is not bookable via MFG