Creativity World Forum 2009

The Creativity World Forum 2009 was the annual main event of the international "Districts of Creativity" network. On two congress days, more than 2,000 creative people and decision-makers discussed current questions focussing on the subjects of creativity, technology, digitalisation and globalisation. Another important aspect was the location development and location marketing for creative regions. Keynote speakers like MP3 inventor Prof. Dr. Karlheinz Brandenburg and the former Finnish Prime Minister Esko Aho talked about future trends and their approach to find new innovative ideas.

Project name Creativity World Forum (CWF) 2009
Duration 01 – 03 December 2009
Partner Ministry of Economic Affairs Baden-Württemberg
Project aim By organising the Creativity World Forum 2009 Baden-Württemberg was able to prove that it has earned a top position and to undertake some global networking. The event helped to accelerate the development of new opportunities for added value by linking creative industries to the client and user industries.
MFG's part The MFG Baden-Württemberg organised the Creativity World Forum in cooperation with the Ministry of Economic Affairs and was mainly responsible for event management as well as national and international marketing.