do it.regional

The action programme do it.regional was a support programme of the Ministry for Nutrition and Rural Regions Baden-Württemberg (MLR). 23 innovative pilot projects were supported altogether to stabilise the rural regions. The development of a “Teleakademie” for farmers in the Black Forest and the Internet-based mentoring programme “Cybermentor” for girls were only some examples.

The goal of the programme was to support the digital integration of disadvantaged sections of the population, to stabilise media skills in the population and to enhance the adoption of innovative IT applications in rural areas. The projects of the action programme were supported with altogether 4 million euros as subsidies from non-profit future initiative “Young Generation III”.

Project name Action programme do it.regional
Duration 2004 – 2007
Client Ministry for Nutrition and Rural Regions Baden-Württemberg
Partner Project executing organisations of the 23 supported projects
Project aim With the action programme “do it.regional” an important component of the IT and media initiative of the federal state “do it!” has been implemented for the development of the information society in Baden-Württemberg has been implemented. The competitiveness of rural areas has been improved. A contribution for structural improvement has been achieved by qualification offers and pilot projects. The digital integration of disadvantaged groups was supported. Baden-Württemberg has been positioned as leading IT and media location.
MFG's part MFG Baden-Württemberg has drawn up the action programme “do it.regional” and has been commissioned with the implementation of the programme by the Ministry for Nutrition and Rural Regions Baden-Württemberg. MFG has organised a competition of ideas for the selection of the projects, has advised the applicants and has attended the realisation of the projects with professional training programmes, informative meetings, publications and a website.
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