EPROC (Public Sector E-Procurement Project) was a collaborative European initiative with partners from Germany, Holland, Ireland and Wales. The aim of the project was to encourage and support SMEs in the more rural areas to adopt new e-procurement processes and tools.

EPROC helped SMEs understand the implications of what they are being asked to do and have greater knowledge of how to benefit from new e-procurement developments. In order to achieve these aims EPROC produced a number of intuitive guides, online resources and developed the online EPROC Learning Zone.

Project name EPROC
Duration 01.07.2004 – 31.03.2007
  • Antur Teifi
  • eCommerce Innovation Centre eCIC
  • Institute for Sustainable Commodities ISCOM
Project aim Baden-Württemberg presented itself as an ideal example in an international context. Networking events like the “Forum Electronic Procurement“ and the “Municipal Days“ enforced regional knowledge transfer and enhanced the competitiveness of SMEs in Baden-Württemberg.
MFG's part MFG Baden-Württemberg was mainly responsible for the analysis of business software. Further, MFG was involved in the development of guidelines for local authorities and SMEs as well as in the execution of case studies.
Contact info@mfg.de
Website www.eproc.org