Innovationsprogramm Web 2.0

The aim of the so-called innovation programme web 2.0 was to point out economic and social potential of web 2.0 applications for industry and public sectors alike. Via events and working groups MFG introduced the topic to different target groups and tried to initiate new projects here to enhance the forward compatibility of Baden-Württemberg. New areas for web 2.0 applications were discovered, new business innovations identified and new strategies for collaboration developed.

Further, the book "a digital lifestyle. Life and work with social software" got published. In three chapters the publication summarised the project results (out of working groups, competitions and other activities of MFG).

Project name Innovationsprogramm Web 2.0
Duration 01.06.2006 – 31.01.2009
  • FZI Research Institute on IT, Information Process Engineering
  • Esslingen University of Applied Science - IT
  • Stuttgart Media University (HDM) - electronic media
Project aim
  • New projects enhanced the forward compatibility of Baden-Württemberg
  • Baden-Württemberg’s competitiveness in this field was guaranteed, as well as the creation of new employment possibilities
MFG's part MFG coordinated the project and was responsible for the announcement of different awards as well as information events and a road show in Baden-Württemberg. The working group knowledge management developed the event format Wiki Wednesday for Stuttgart in July 2007.