Internet goes Ländle

Aim of the project “Internet goes Ländle“ (“Internet goes regional“) was to introduce elderly to computers and the Internet. By senior Internet initiatives existing inhibitions should be overcome. In addition to the 50 senior Internet initiatives already available, new ones were established, especially in Baden-Württemberg’s rural areas. Active senior Internet helpers train volunteers of new initiatives based on a qualification programme.

Project name Internet goes Ländle
Duration 01.11.2009 – 31.12.2011
  • ZAWiW (Centre for General Scientific Continuing Education)
  • Sii – Network for Senior Internet Initiatives Baden-Württemberg
Project aim Until now about 56 per cent of people aged 50 years and older using the Internet in Baden-Württemberg. But there are less “silver surfers” in rural areas. The project “Internet goes Ländle” helps bridging the digital divide and allows elderly to benefit from the advantages of the Internet.
MFG's part MFG Baden-Württemberg managed the project, coordinating the work of all project partners. MFG set up contacts with target groups and organised press and public relations work, as well as marketing. To reach target groups (city councils and municipalities in rural areas, plus volunteers) regional information events were organised, e-mail marketing activities were carried out and marketing materials (like brochures and posters) were produced and press releases were published.
Contact Johanna Schepers
Project Manager Media Literacy
Phone +49 711 90715-329