KREATEK is a multi-phase project: Starting point was the support of developing cluster initiatives in IT and creative industries. Outstanding approaches for the development of regional cluster initiatives have been awarded in a regional cluster competition.

In the second stage support tools for young cluster initiatives have been designed and implemented. The most striking example is the Beta Platform, a Web 2.0 platform that provides social media as well as Wikipedia tools and instruments in the cluster context. This prototype has been inspiring for several other projects, including the “European Cluster Collaboration Platform”.

Project name KREATEK
Duration 01.12.2006 – 01.06.2009
Client Ministry of State Baden-Württemberg
  • Ministry of Economic Affairs Baden-Württemberg
  • various cluster initiatives from Baden-Württemberg
Project aim Six initiatives from Baden-Württemberg received a "kick-off support" amounting to 20,000 euros for their outstanding concepts. They used the boost initiated by KREATEK to acquire further project funds for their concept and are now in the implementation phase.

The KREATEK Web 2.0 platform offers cluster managers access to current knowledge and new tools in their community. They improve the visibility of their cluster and the efficiency of its management. Together with cluster managers of Baden-Württemberg MFG tries to find out, if these interactive tools can help to professionalise the management of cluster initiatives.  
MFG's part MFG is a pioneer: In all stages of KREATEK, novel instruments to support innovative cluster initiatives that have not existed until then are being developed. MFG thus acts as a catalyst and coach for the formation and development of cluster initiatives.
Contact Konstantin Schneider
Project Manager European Cluster Programmes
Phone: +49 711 90715-339