TASK (Transfer programme for the development of software supply chains) was aimed at cooperation between software enterprises, to strengthen software supply chains and to network those companies with others from application sector. Therefore, three working groups were established.

Emphasising on infrastructure and middleware, standardised processes based on open source were developed. These processes allow data exchange between groupware, CRM and ERP. Two other working groups focused on business applications. On the one hand a modular production system was developed which supports customer service management. On the other hand software supply chains and computer components for financial services were designed.

Next to effective networking, participants made more of a profit from convincing publicity and the utilisation of project results.

Project name TASK
Duration 01.03.2005 – 30.11.2006
Partner Ministry of Economic Affairs  Baden-Württemberg
Project aim
  • Aiming on cooperation between software companies from Baden-Württemberg, three working groups got established.
  • The web portal TASK is a cooperation network, which core partners are strong companies from Baden-Württemberg – being the main prerequisite for successful partnerships
  • In total 60 enterprises and universities were involved in realisation of the work programmes and  collaborated within the working groups
  • 15 reference projects “made in Baden-Württemberg“ were developed, still presented on TASK website
MFG's part Under the overall control of MFG Baden-Württemberg, TASK supported the comprehensive development, integration and implementation of software components in companies.
Contact Dr. Sami Rabieh
Head of Project Business Support Creative Industries
Phone: +49 711 90715-371
Website www.doit-task.de