How can cluster initiatives be managed professionally? And what skills do Cluster Managers need when striving for cluster excellence? These questions are being explored by the consortium around – the European Cluster Excellence Initiative. 14 Project Partners from 9 countries – all well experienced in the field of cluster management and -support – create a uniform set of cluster quality indicators and develop a quality label for professional cluster management which is accepted and recognized all over Europe. The European Cluster Managers’ Club and the Cluster-Collaboration Platform are modules in the framework of to promote excellence in cluster management.

Project name – European Cluster Excellence Initiative
Duration 01.09.2009 – 31.08.2012
  • IESE Business School, Spanien
  • Clusterland Oberösterreich, Österreich
  • VDI/VDE IT, Deutschland
  • CDIF-France Clusters, Frankreich
  • Europa Intercluster, Frankreich
  • Reg X – the Danish Cluster Academy / University of Southern Denmark, Dänemark
  • Baltic Innovation Agency, Estland
  • Croation Employers’ Association, Kroatien
  • Ecoplus, Österreich
  • Generalitat de Catalunya, Spanien
  • ACC1Ó - Catalan agency for competitiveness, Spanien
  • Confederation of Hungarian Employers and Industrialists, Ungarn
  • Innovation Norway, Norwegen
Project aim Throughout Europe exist thousands of cluster and network initiatives and in Baden-Württemberg more than one hundred have been identified by a working group composing a cluster-atlas. Many of them have emerged only recently - inspired from various cluster competitions and tenders. A high degree of professionalism will help those cluster initiatives to prove themselves in the market. At the same time Europe is currently a discussion about world-class clusters. Only cluster initiatives that manage their clusters in an excellent way get visible in this discussion. The aim must therefore be to professionalize cluster initiatives and networks in Baden-Wuerttemberg, so promising initiatives succeed in obtaining the necessary visibility.
MFG's part MFG is a partner in the project consortium and takes over marketing and dissemination of project which is funded with one million Euros from the CIP Programme. With its seat in the project’s steering committee, MFG apart from that supports the consortium with its expertise in cluster management. The project is an important component in the cluster strategy of the EU. Besides the expansion of contacts to European cluster experts, MFG will benefit from the project professionalizing its own cluster and network initiatives further.
Contact Daniel Stürzebecher
Project Manager Cluster-Excellence
Phone: +49 711 90715-368

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