With CyberOne innovative business ideas for products and services in all high-tech areas get awarded. bwcon: high-tech award CyberOne won renown as one of the most important business plan competitions for the high-tech sector in Baden-Württemberg. Awarded since 1998, winners are pleased with prize money and non-cash prizes to the amount of more than 100,000 euros.

Further, the competition developed into a meeting place for participants to get in contact with investors, cooperation partners and customers. Here, ideas find the needed capital assets. To date about 225 million euros of investment financing were made available.

Project name CyberOne
Duration 1998-2014
Clients Start-ups, entrepreneurs and researchers
Partner 23 sponsors and 14 network partners
Project aim The competition supports founders and innovative SMEs in realising their innovative business ideas - serving as a basis for new, innovative products and solutions in Baden-Württemberg.
New enterprises are established or developed further. That’s how new job vacancies can be created.
MFG's part As strategic partner MFG supports CyberOne. With the organisation and the invitation for tenders bwcon and MFG position themselves as sponsors and supporters for innovative entrepreneurship in Baden-Württemberg.
Contact Nina Schulz
Phone +49 711 90715-506

Tobias Schuster
Phone +49 711 90715-507

Bernd Hertl
Head of Project Team Communications and Marketing
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