Digital Content Funding (DCF)

With the Digital Content Fund (DCF) MFG Film Fund and MFG Innovation Agency support the development and production of interactive media applications, such as digital games, mobile applications and interactive products on various platforms. Eligible for grants are especially projects which are innovative, culturally valuable, scalable and offer market potential. In total 500.000 € per annum will be provided for this development programme.

Project name Digital Content Funding (DCF)
Duration Since 01.01.2011
Partner MFG Film Funding
Project aim The Digital Content Fund (DCF) supports entrepreneurs and freelancers regarding their realisation of interactive media projects. The aim is to support momentum of the innovation potential and economic factor linked to the digital creative industries explicitly including the game industry. The aim is to increase value creation and commercialisation by purposeful funding (concept, prototyping, production, distribution) creating incentives for further investors to engage in interactive media projects and enabling entrepreneurs to develop their ideas ready for the market.
MFG's part MFG Baden-Württemberg is responsible for organising and running of the Digital Content Funding (DCF) programme. This includes marketing for the calls, application consultancy, assessment of applications and accomplishment of funding in cooperation with L-Bank Baden-Württemberg. Applications in the DCF category S are selected by the MFG management board. Decisions within the DCF category L are the expert jury’s responsibility.
Contact Iris Harr
Digital Content Funding / Produktionsförderung
Phone: +49 711 90715-412