The main objective of the project is to improve regional policies in the fields of DLA for developing new actions related to the application of the IS to public services. To do so, the project will foster a permanent exchange of experience among partners and it will establish a cooperation network to update and improve knowledge on IS and its applications in public administrations’ services.

As specific objectives, the project seeks: 

  • to design a general DLA transferable to every region
  • to elaborate a common methodology to adapt the general DLA to every particular local situation
  • to involve all key stakeholders in the project and in the process of building a DLA
  • to exchange experience and knowledge with other regions to improve local situation
  • to state the basis for future collaboration, including other regions that now are not in the project.
Project name DLA
Duration 01.01.2010 – 31.12.2010
  • CCDR-N (Portugal)
  • Eixo Atlántico (Espania)
  • Etruria Innovazione (Italy)
  • Euroregion “Pskov, -Livonia” Section Latvia (Latvia)
  • Universty of Tartu (Estonia)
  • Euroregion “Pskov, Livonia” Section Estonia (Estonia)
  • Midlands Regional Authority (Ireland)
  • University of Patras (Greece)
  • University of West Macedonia (Greece)
  • Regional Development Agency of North Hungary (Hungary)
Project aim With one of its main shareholders being the regional state ministry, MFG has a clear focus on regional and business development. By elaborating a common methodology for the implementation of a DLA, MFG will share more than a decade of experience and benefit from the results of the project in order to further develop the knowledge and information society in the Southwest of Germany.
MFG's part
  • Project Partner
  • Provider of contacts in the field of eGovernment
  • Network Partner
Contact Johanna Schepers
Projekt Manager Media Literacy
Phone: +49 711 90715-329
Website Currently under development