The European Interest Group on Creativity and Innovation (EICI) e. V. is a pan-European initiative of about 10 regional and local development agencies, research institutions, companies and support organisations that foster the relationships between creativity, culture, technology and innovation in order to make Europe more competitive and sustainable.

In the last two years it has contributed considerably to network these diverse stakeholders across Europe by establishing a joint communication platform, enabling information sharing and collaborative project development, and by organising policy events in Brussels to give input into the currently developing EU strategy on creativity.

The European Interest Group on Creativity and Innovation e. V. has a specific peculiarity compared to all other networks already existing in Europe. Most of EICI’s members are already involved in current or past European projects or international, national and regional activities concerning creative industries and innovation.

Project name European Interest Group on Creativity and Innovation (EICI) e. V.
Duration Run as interest group since October 2008, as incorporated association since May 2010
  • CSP – Innovazione nelle ICT
  • IBBT
  • Nantes Métropoles
  • bwcon
  • Creativity-Zentrum
Project aim The association promotes initiatives and activities of the creative industries, universities and innovation centres of Baden-Württemberg at European level. MFG Baden-Württemberg works as contact point for the small and medium-sized enterprises of these branches interested in participating in European projects and international business collaborations.
MFG's part MFG Baden-Württemberg launched the initiative of a European network on Creativity and Innovation already in October 2008 as follow-up activity of the European project CReATE. During the first two years MFG promoted the formalisation of the association and coordinated the activities on behalf of its members. Currently MFG Baden-Württemberg manages the European Interest Group on Creativity and Innovation.
Contact Valentina Grillea
Project Manager Innovation Fostering/Start-Up and Growth Support
Phone: +49 711 90715-336
Website www.creativity-innovation.eu