MEDEAnet aims to promote media-based learning to organisations and practitioners through local training and networking events, online resources and knowledge sharing. MEDEAnet will also exploit best practices of the annual competition MEDEA Awards and extend its existing informal network and support the MEDEA Foundation, a membership organisation that ensures the sustainability of the MEDEA Awards.

The MEDEAnet Consortium aims to extend the reach of the informal network of organisations and practitioners linked to the annual MEDEA Awards, a free-to-enter annual European competition that rewards excellence in the use of media to support learning in all sectors since 2008, by providing opportunities for local events linked to the MEDEA Awards and to involve not only early adopters, but also mainstream practitioners in networking opportunities.

MEDEAnet will also support the MEDEA Foundation, a legally constituted membership organisation that is being established in 2012 by the European Commission-funded MEDEA2020 project, and provide a bridge to this foundation by identifying potential members and supporting the recruitment of European practitioners and stakeholders to take up the services and opportunities for partnership offered by the foundation. Through the MEDEAnet partners this network will reach teachers and trainers who are less skilled and motivated to use media-based learning approaches.

Projectname MEDEAnet
Duration 1.1.2012 – 31.12.2014
Clients European Commission – LLL KA3 Multilateral Networks
  • EITF - Estonian Information Technology Foundation (EST) – Project Coordinator
  • ATiT Audiovisual Technologies, Informatics and Telecommunications (BE)
  • MFG Baden-Württemberg mbH (D)
  • EduTV – Ministry of Education, Lifelong Learning and Religious Affairs (GR)
  • ActiveWatchAsociatia Agentia de Monitorizare a Presei (RO)
  • Education Group GmbH (A)
  • CANON - Cultural Unit, Flemish Ministry of Education and Training (BE)
  • ITPIO - Institute for Training of Personnel in International Organizations (BG)
Project aim
  • Promotion of media-based learning to organisations and education practitioners
  • Development of a workshop programme to train teachers and trainers in the use of media-based learning approaches; there will four workshops be organised per partner region
  • Strengthening the informal network of organisations and practitioners linked to the annual MEDEA Awards
  • Supporting the establishment of the MEDEA foundation, initiated by the EU-project MEDEA2020
  • Promoting the resources database of the Media and Learning Community of Practice
MFG´s part As project partner MFG Baden-Württemberg will be responsible for the development of the European wide workshop programme within which MFG will offer 4 workshops in Baden-Württemberg. Besides organising face2face workshops also a serie of 12 webinars will be set up to strengthen the media-based learning approach in Europe. Furthermore MFG will contribute to the proposed annual report which will provide information about the extent to which media literacy is incorporated into curriculum design for compulsory level education as well as the degree to which training in the production of education media is available to trainee teachers in their region, the degree to which adult educators have access to this type of training and the general availability of media-based learning resources in Baden-Württemberg for use by all education and training sectors.
Contact Petra Newrly
Head of Project Team Competence Field E-Learning / Social Media
Phone: +49 711 90715-357
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