With the MFG programme WISTA the MFG Innovation Agency Baden-Württemberg enables Bachelor and Master students from all faculties at universities and colleges in Baden-Württemberg, to implement a practical research thesis in ICT, media and creative industries. The aim is to fill students with enthusiasm for one of the subjects and to bind to the location of Baden-Württemberg. A further aim of WISTA is to support the innovative power of the scientific talent and encourage the students in the development of business ideas.

Project name MFG WISTA
Duration Since 2010
Clients Small and medium-sized enterprises
Project aim Small and medium-sized enterprises can benefit from the practical and theoretical results of the work and use them as a basis for innovative products and services.  The results are freely available on the WISTA website.
MFG's part MFG generates new subjects from current IT trends and coordinates the implementation. Furthermore, it assumes the support of the talents and communicates the results of the work to SMEs.
Contact Dr. Christian Förster
Project Manager Research Funding/ Trend Monitoring
Phone: +49 711 90715-312