OSB Alliance

OSB Alliance Die OSB Alliance ist Mitveranstalter der OPEN! 2015 (Bild: OSBA)

OSB Alliance’s slogan “Integrating Open Source And Proprietary Software” shows that everything the organisation does revolves around interoperability between open source and proprietary software. Therefore OSB Alliance connects vendors, users and additional stakeholders from the open source community with the goal to find good solutions for software issues and challenges.

For OSB Alliance’s members open source software represents a sustainable business model which they demonstrate each year through numerous events in the whole German-speaking area. Currently, the network has 115 members – including major IT-companies, small and medium-sized enterprises and also public administration. Additional to the head office in Stuttgart, OSB Alliance has local branches in Berlin, Hamburg, Vienna, Zurich, Palo Alto und Toronto.

Project name OSB Alliance (Lisog e.V.)
Duration Since 2005
Project aim OSB Alliance supports affordable open source software solutions. In this context already existing MFG activities in the open source sector can be connected with other initiatives in the whole German-speaking area and thereby advancing the development of the general as well as the regional open source community. During this process the leading state in the open source software sector, Baden-Württemberg, is positioned as one of the most innovative IT-regions in Germany and beyond.
MFG's part MFG works closely with OSB Alliance and manages its head office in Stuttgart. This includes administration, marketing and event-/project management.

The open source network coordinated by MFG for OSB Alliance contains enterprises, universities and also users and customers from public administration from all over Germany, Switzerland and Austria. Members of OSB Alliance have the opportunity to take part in workshops and projects with participants from different regions and nations. In this way MFG enables the open source community to identify synergies and to build new partnerships. Also, members can profit from the European and international contacts of MFG and the experiences won in multiple projects, like the actual EU-project with the name “Open Source software usage by European Public Administrations“ (OSEPA).
Contact Dorothee Otto-Jurcevic
OSB Alliance
Phone: +49 711 90715-390
Website www.osb-alliance.com