OSEPA (Open Source Software Usage in European Public Administrations) promotes the use of Open Source Software in European Public Administrations.

The project deals with the challenges confronted by European public administrations with regard to the use of Open Source Software. It aims to identify those conditions which could foster the penetration of Open Source Software among public administrations and those factors which explain why Open Source has not yet been adopted widely by administrations. To this direction, OSEPA aims to promote knowledge and expertise sharing among public administrations. The major objective is to provide to those administrations which are less familiar with Open Source, guidelines on how to proceed with its adoption, based on the experiences of organizations which have already migrated to it.

Last but not least, OSEPA aims to promote interregional co-operation. The project rests on the assumption that shared challenges and needs are better addressed at the interregional level. This is where the impact on decision making can have multiplier effects and where strong and influential alliances can be forged.

Project name OSEPA
Duration 01.01.2010 – 31.12.2012
  • Central Union of Municipalities and Comunities of Greece, Greece
  • Vysočina Region, Czech Republic
  • Fundación para el Desarrollo de la Ciencia y Tecnología en Extremadura, Espania
  • Föreningen SAMBRUK i Sverige, Sweden
  • Regione Emilia Romagna, Italy
  • City of Schoten, Belgium
  • Stovolos Municipality, Cyprus
  • Bistrita City Hall, Romania
  • The University of Sheffield, Great Britain
  • Research Academic Computer Technology Institute, Greece
Project aim MFG already promotes Open Source Solutions for the Public Sector in cooperation with the Open Source Network OSB Alliance. The OSEPA Project complements these activities by an international network. Thereby, Baden-Württemberg is positioned as relevant site for Open Source Solutions on a European scale.

Furthermore, MFG has appointed a Baden-Württemberg board of directors for the OSEPA project. Its members consult the consortium on specific Open Source topics. Members are Horst Bräuner (IT-Manager City of Schwäbisch Hall), Rüdiger Czieschla, (IT-Manager City of Freiburg), Oliver Schulze, (CEO agorum GmbH) and Thomas Uhl (Member of the board at OSB Alliance  and CEO at Topalis AG).

This Baden-Württemberg-Board ensures that on the hand MFG’s expertise flows into Open Source activities on the European level and on the other hand companies and municipalities from Baden-Württemberg profit from the international contacts and from the knowledge generated within the project.
MFG's part Together with the Spanish and Czech partners, MFG is responsible for the planning and the execution of all communication activities. Given the strong partnership with OSB Alliance, Best Practices from Baden-Württemberg and OSB Alliance can be used within the project.
Contact Alexandra Rudl
Project Manager ICT Innovation Ecosystems
Phone: +49 711 90715-365
Website www.osepa.eu