State Portal Baden-Württemberg

Since July 1996 the state of Baden-Württemberg has its own Internet website. The importance of the Internet for communication and public relations increased dramatically since then. Since 1999 MFG manages the Internet-based services of the Ministry of State Baden-Württemberg, over time with different tasks and duties. These include the management of the State Portal as well as the website of the Ministry of State Baden-Württemberg as part of the project “Internet State Baden-Württemberg”.

Project name State Portal Baden-Württemberg
Duration Since 1999
Client Ministry of State Baden-Württemberg
  • ressourcenmangel GmbH
  • Internet AG
Project aim Baden-Württemberg intends to present itself as a region with high quality of life and as an interesting location for tourism, industry and research. The aim is to inform on current topics in the state in a targeted manner and therefore contribute to political education.
MFG's part MFG consults and supports the Ministry of State in managing their online presences with regards to editing, conception and technic, focussing always on the further development of the portal and therefore on strengthening Baden-Württemberg as important location for IT and media.
Contact Felix Gekeler
Project Manager State Projects
Phone: +49 711 90715-358