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Creative minds are central to Baden-Württemberg’s success. The region’s IT and creative industries occupy a leading position in Europe, with over 300,000 employees and a yearly turnover of some 58 billion euros. You can find this information and other facts and studies about the location in our database. The MFG information centre will be happy to assist you with any further questions.

Creative Industries

The region’s creative economy is characterised by small to medium-sized businesses and agencies, quite often specialising in particular fields or applications for which they are internationally renowned.


Medienhaus Burda

Baden-Württemberg is home to international media com- panies, well established publishing houses and the second biggest broadcasting station in Germany’s ARD network.

Education and Research

Mediengestaltung für Printmedien beim Burda Verlag

Baden-Württemberg is virtu- ally synonymous with the term innovation. This “land of inventors and thinkers” is the most innovative region in the EU according to the 2010 Innovation Index.