Baden-Württemberg – Excellence in the Heart of Europe

Baden-Württemberg, founded in 1952, is the third-largest of the 16 German federal states. This is not only true of area (35,752 km²), but also of population (10.5 million). Baden-Württemberg was created out of three historic regions: Baden, Württemberg and Hohenzollern.

As part of the region belonged to Swabia (Schwaben) in former times, many people here still speak Swabian (Schwäbisch), a melodic dialect that other Germans find hard to understand.

With about 135 patent applications per 100,000 citizens, southwest Germany is among the world leaders in innovation. Therefore, Baden-Württemberg is premier innovation region in Europe. The capital Stuttgart eg is home of Bosch, Mercedes-Benz and Porsche, and a wealth of urban pleasures.

The beauty of the landscape and the state's historical and cultural diversity attract many visitors from all over the world. Baden-Württemberg is a region in which art and culture are closely linked into the everyday lives of the population. This makes Baden-Württemberg an attractive place to live and work.

Tradition and progress, regional identity and cosmopolitan values, variety and cohesion - these are not conflicting ideals but characteristics shaping the state of Baden-Württemberg and its people.