Projects of MFG Baden-Württemberg

MFG Baden-Württemberg, the Public Innovation Agency for Creative Industries and Media in southwest Germany, is involved in several projects, both as project lead and cooperating partner constantly. Currently MFG's emploees manage more than 30 initiatives and development programmes as well as research and creative projects.

Current Projects

Baden-Württemberg Goes Mobile

Under the heading "Baden-Württemberg Goes Mobile", we are looking for moblie ideas and smartphone applications, which have been developed by students, young professionals, start-ups, SMEs or other creative people from Baden-Württemberg. Every year, an independent jury awards the best regional concepts for mobile technologies in four categories.

Creative Industries Network Baden-Württemberg

Innovations in the ICT and creative sectors frequently occur at the interfaces between different disciplines and user industries. In the context of this initiative, MFG Baden-Württemberg and about 50 partners are networking the sub-sectors of Baden-Württemberg's cultural, creative and ICT industries systematically...

Digital Content Funding (DCF)

With the 2011 newly created Digital Content Fund (DCF) MFG Film Fund and MFG Innovation Agency support the development and production of interactive media applications, such as digital games, mobile applications and interactive products on various platforms ...

DIGITRANS – Digital Transformation in the Danube Region

The project DIGITRANS – Digital Transformation in the Danube Region analyses how innovation methods can promote the development of new business models that are flexible enough to easily adapt to the constantly changing market conditions.

Karl Steinbuch Research Programme

With the Karl Steinbuch Research Programme the MFG Foundation particularly fosters innovative research on current issues from the ICT and creative industries. With the programme the MFG Foundation enables a set of universities of applied sciences and the Cooperative State University Baden-Wuerttemberg to new directions in research ...

Kindermedienland Baden-Württemberg

Kindermedienland Baden-Württemberg is an initiative for strengthening IT- and media literacy of children, teenagers, parents and other persons in charge of education all over Baden-Württemberg. State-wide the project aims to concentrate, bundle, connect - and if necessary also to build up - initiatives, ...

Mediendaten Südwest

Since 1997 'Mediendaten Südwest' provides current baseline data for media in Baden-Württemberg as well as comparative data for the federal territory. Besides data on the media offer and use of media and general also information about traditional media ...


OERup! takes up the need of promoting and fostering successful implementation of practices with OER in adult learning institutions in Europe. Its aim is to raise awareness of the value to be derived from OER, as well as to support an OER-friendly environment in education institutions to widen participation in Open Education.

OSB Alliance

OSB Alliance’s slogan “Integrating Open Source And Proprietary Software” shows that everything the organisation does revolves around interoperability between open source and proprietary software. Therefore OSB Alliance connects vendors, users and additional stakeholders from the open source community ...

State Portal Baden-Württemberg

Since 1999 MFG manages the Internet-based services of the Ministry of State Baden-Württemberg, over time with different tasks and duties. These include the management of the State Portal as well as the website of the Ministry of State Baden-Württemberg as part of the project 'Internet State Baden-Württemberg' ...

MFG Annual Report


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